Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Homework 20-23 février

This week, practice playing your recorder at home. You can also try to play new songs by using the web site that was shared with you (le karaté de la flûte).

Write 10 sentences à l'imparfait for Thursday. Use your dictionnaire personnel.

Review what was seen in sciences sociales last week.
  • Grade 4 We worked on time line. We will work on Ancient civilizations  ( Égypte ancienne, Rome ancienne, Les incas, Les Azthèques, la Chine ancienne). We will discover how they lived (houses, food, clothes, religion, government, transportation, art, games)
  • Grade 5 We worked on time line. We identified on map some of the First Nations groups in Canada. We will analyse the consequences of interactions among First Nations and European explorers and settlers in Canada before 1713. 
  • Grade 6 We worked on time line. We will work on assessing the contribution to Canadian identity made by various groups of Canadian communities and regions (e.g. The contribution of French and English communities to the development of Canada as a bilingual country.)

Work on Duolingo 10-15 mins every day.

Watch TV in French, listen to French music, read ...

Friday will be a PJ day for the grade 4-5 students. Only PJ. No stuffed animal or blankets please.

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