Monday, 23 April 2018

Homework 23-26 avril

Read the text À la recherche du Toucan (shared in your Hapara French folder) out loud every day. Search new vocabulary to write in your dictionnaire personnel.

Sign Exams in orange duo-tang and return to school for Wednesday.

Work on Duolingo 10-15 mins every day.

Watch TV in French, listen to French music, read ...

Practice your Musical theater song. You have to know the lyrics by heart. The lyrics and song are in your drive.  Practice the dance routine we learned.

We will visit the Book Fair on Tuesday morning(morning group). Your child can bring money to purchase a book.

Morning group: (outfits from 1920)
Bring your Musical theater costume to school.

Boys have to wear dressy pants with  shirt. The pants have to be a dark color (black, dark blue or dark grey). They could also have a fedora hat, suspenders or  a vest as accessories.

Girls have to wear a dress with or without flower print. The dresses have to be knee length. No bright colors.

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